Custom theme and plugin development

Looking for something Different?

Plugins are excellent tools for improving the functionality of WordPress websites. In furthermore, it has a plethora of useful functionalities. A WordPress plugin is a script or a set of one or more functions written in the PHP programming language. This helps in the addition of a certain set of features or services to a WordPress-based website. Before embarking on WordPress plugin development, client must provide the desired functionality to understand the scope of work.
WordPress currently has over 26,000 plugins in its repository. A wordpress plugin allows one to add more functionality to a website without modifying the core wordpress architecture. With the use of a wordpress plugin, one may simply edit, customise, and improve a wordpress-based website.

Why Develop Custom Functionality

Every business is different so their needs are!
As per the differrent aspects, website funcationality varies time to time. To develop something that matches to your specifications developer needs to go beyond standard practices and develop something unique on your you.
We at Enfluentia, make sure to not only deliver you besopken solutions but to maintain and manage it for you! 

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Got more ideas to customise your platform with more functionalities?
We are here to help you complete custom made solutions for your desired functionalities!